Water Features

A water feature added to your landscape has a ton of benefits! Real Estate agents will tell you they improve property value, and water features make your property stand out from the rest. In the front yard, it can really add that extra special curb appeal. The sound of a water feature will drown out noise from traffic or neighbors and provide you with the soothing, gentle sounds of moving water. In addition, water features provide an interesting backdrop for entertaining while adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape.  Modern water features are typically self-contained, meaning that they do not require water to be plumbed in; rather water is recycled from either a pond or a hidden reservoir, also known as a sump. The sump can either be contained within the water feature, or buried underground.

LawnPro Landscapes has completed numerous water features. Here are 5 types of water features typically used today.

Water Fountains
Ponds or Water Gardens
Rivers or Streams
Natural Pools



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