Trees & Plants

LawnPro Landscapes takes pride in designing, installing and maintaining trees, shrubs and hedges of all shapes and sizes. We enjoy selecting feature trees for focal points that meet the needs of our clients and their homes. Wether its a tall Maple tree in a front yard, a small inconspicious fern around a corner or a large cedar hedge providing privacy, LawnPro Landscapes has extensive expierience in the proper installation and maintenance of the plant. The primary reason for landscaping your property with plants is the improved quality of life, not only to the owner, but to all people who observe it.

Cedar Hedging is a very popular type of screen for privacy or to establish a property boundary. LawnPro Landscapes has a proven technique to efficicently install hedges that give the tree and homeowner the best results. Contact us today to discuss the various options for cedar hedging.

Popular local trees and plants include: