Sod & Seed

A beautifully installed and well cared for lawn creates a great landscape for any home, apartment or commercial building. Lawn is both the perfect compliment for a landscaped frontyard and the ideal place to kick a soccer ball in the backyard. On a hot summer day, a lawn can help beat the heat through a natural cooling process. There can be no argument that a beautiful lawn is immediately pleasing to the eye and relaxing in its appearance.

LawnPro Landscapes can install new or repair old lawn with sod or seed.

Installation Recommendations:

Turf Mix Topsoil (50/50 mix of quality top soil and sand) – 6″ depth

Types of Grass
For Sun     –   40% Ryegrass, 30% Bluegrass, 30% Fine Fescue
For Shade –   20% Ryegrass, 20% Bluegrass, 60% Fine Fescue

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