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Landscape Design / Build

In this section we have outlined LanwnPro Landscapes Ltd process for landscape design. This checklist gives our clients the peace of mind of knowing what to expect and when to expect it. While each and every landscape we design and build is unique in its own way, the process of how we get there can be followed as such. LawnPro Landscapes Ltd can design landscapes for the following:

Residential (Frontyard / Backyard) | Commercial | Strata (Townhomes / Apartment)

1 – Pre Consultation First and foremost, we make sure our clients have the opportunity to talk with everyone involved, gather ideas, make wish lists and complete our design questionnaire form. Any site surveys, plot plans, or building drawings should be obtained.

2 – Initial Consultation (Free) – We walk your property together and discuss the various landscape aspects that we have to work with. Here we can identify any problems, review your questionnaire and wish lists, browse landscape themes and ideas, and identify the scale, scope and budget of the project. Here we can determine the type of service you need: A simple sketch on a napkin or full property design.

3 – Sign Design ContractWe will review the terms and conditions of the landscape design proposal. Each design includes: Written Site Analysis, Concept Drawing, AutoCAD/Dynascape Architectural Drawings, Hardscape & Softscape Material Lists, and full color drawings. A deposit is then taken at this time.

4 – Data Collection Here we will complete on site measurements, photographs and complete a thorough site analysis.

5 – Presentation of Design Concept – A rough sketch of your property highlighting key areas, material ideas, themes and rough budgeting will be reviewed. At this time our clients can make as many revisions as they like.

6 – Completion and Presentation of Design – All revisions are made and the final set of drawings are delivered.

7 – Signing of Installation Quote & Proposal – A detailed cost breakdown for discussed services is proposed. The scope can vary depending on budget, time and current needs of the homeowner. A deposit is retained at time of signing.

8 – On-site Introductions – One the first day of construction, the LawnPro Landscape Ltd Build Team is introduced to the homeowner. Questions, comments and concerns can be discussed in detail here. A neighbourhood letter is hand delivered to all your neighbours apologizing for the inconvenience of construction and outlining the project time lines.

9 – Installation Process – Weather permitting, our Build Team will be on site daily to complete the project. An installation review can be conducted with the homeowner dailey or weekly. Depending on the size of the project, monthly invoices are issued.

10 – Deficiency Walk Through – A thorough walk through of the project is done with any issues or concerns addressed with the homeowner and LawnPro Landscapes Ltd. An action plan will then be developed to correct any outstanding deficiencies or additional work.

11 – Deficiencies Resolved – The installation process continues to ensure the project is done to your vision.

12 – Client Closure Meeting – A final walk through of the project is conducted by LawnPro Landscapes Ltd and the homeowner(s). Care Guides are then issued to homeowner to maintain installed materials. This is a good time to discuss the option to have LawnPro Landscapes Ltd provide a maintenance package for your property. All warranty and guarantee information is also discussed.

13 – Thank-You A big thank you is given to the homeowner for allowing us to work on another unique project.



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