A fire pit can vary from a dug pit in the ground, to raised fire pits using a variety of materials.  The common feature of fire pits is that they are designed to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading. Fire Pits really enhance your outdoors’ entertainment factor. Nothing gathers a group of friends and family together like a fire pit. Not only that, but fire pits are a great way to extend your party space to the outdoors.They also can provide an opportunity to cook up some food. Although, not as dialed as a grill or bar-b-que, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can provide a flame over which you can toast marshmallows, hot dogs or kabobs. Obviously, Fire Pits also provide you an area to stay warm. This allows you to extend your spring and fall entertaining seasons a bit by staying warm on those chilly evenings. Even if you aren’t into throwing parties or entertaining, the ambiance a fire pit brings is worth the investment alone, especially if you are into star gazing with a loved one.

Fire Pits are also the most popular request for landscapers and can certainly add value to home for a lower price.

Popular materials for Fire Pits include: Concrete StackStone, Blast Rock, Dry Stack Stone and larger concrete retaining wall blocks

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