Fertilizers provide nutrients that turf requires for healthy root growth, color and foliage growth. A properly fertilized lawn can better compete with weeds and withstand stress caused by pests and environmental factors. LawnPro Landscapes Ltd and Weedman have partnered to bring you the best in fertilizer service. We have specically forumlated fertilizers for our specific area that gives you the best lawn possible.

Many of the nutrients required for turf growth and development are derived from either soil or fertilizers. These include three macronutrients – nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) – needed by turfgrass in relativley large quantities and numerous secondary and micronutrients, which are required in lesser quantities.

Nitrogen – Important for above-ground growth, color and density and to fight off weeds and pests. Nitrogen is required by turfgreass in greater quantities than all other nutrients.

Phosphorus – Used to establish and grow strong roots.

Potassium – Helps turf withstand stress caused by disease, drought, wear-and-tear and cold temperatures.

When to Fertilize?
Generally speaking, lawns should be fertilized twice per year. For lawns to have the best possible appearance, four to five applications a year may be required. A lawn should only be fertilized when it is activley growing. In the pacific north west, we aim to fertilize our lawns in the spring, summer and fall.

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